Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Visit To The Hospital

One of the best things about playing professional sports, if not the best thing is being able to go out into the public and put smiles on little kids faces. Today a small group of us paid a visit to the Westmead Childrens Hospital where we met some amazing kids.

David, Kevin, Brandon, Tyler, Joey, Jacob, Michael and Me

One of the boys we met was Xavier who is one of the bravest boys I have met. He has been in hospital since June 2011 after having surgery to remove a brain tumor. He wasn't the only patient in this room as his little toy monkey named Trevor who also had surgery to remove a butt tumor. So him and his monkey were recovering together. His mum had told us he has been writing a list of all the dangerous activities when he gets out of hospital such as going fishing on a boat. We told him he should add 'attend a baseball game' to that list since at times, it can be dangerous sitting in the crowds. Even though he had been in hospital you wouldn't have known because you could still see a smile on his face.

Xavier with his toy Monkey

Another young boy we met was Justin Lee, who was one of the most talkative and definitely one of the smartest 8yr olds I have ever met. As soon as we walked in the room he was asking us questions about what we do, and what movies we like. We found out that he absolutely loves Lego and he had already built a pretty impressive Lego castle in his room. He made sure to tell us the box said that the castle he built was designed for teenagers 16yrs and over. He was so interested in us, but I think we were even more interested in him and all the fun things he had to tell us. He did make us laugh when the hospital staff member that was chaperoning us walked into the room and he looked at the little badge that she was wearing. He read what it said and then said "Oh, you're only an events manager?" and then said to our Blue Sox staff member "Are you the picture taking girl?". He was quite fun to be around and pretty sure he brightened up our day more then we brightened up his. I also think he was a little excited since today was his birthday.

Joey, Jacob, Justin, Me and Tyler

It's definitely a very rewarding experience. It puts your life into perspective and makes you think, if these kids are in here, going through hell and back to be healthy it definitely motivates me to be the best that I can be. I'm so blessed and thankful for everything God has given me in life, and all my prayers go out to these kids in hospital hoping they get well soon, and hopefully attend a Blue Sox game!


  1. I'm glad you got this opportunity and enjoyed it.

    Maybe some day you will come with me to do the Vinnies Soup Kitchen van run..... And in the Winter to boot !!!!!

    Love Mum