Saturday, 17 March 2012

What now?

As most of you would know I was released by the Minnesota Twins in January. After being unsuccesful in my attempt to re-sign before Spring Training began I had to find something else to do with myself in the meantime. The options were find a real job, or go back to school. I chose the latter option and am now going back to school.

I am now enrolled at the Australian College of Physical Education located in Homebush where the Sydney Olympics were held. As you can probably tell by the name of the school and the location the school is very sports orientated and only offers degrees in sporting fields. I am doing a Bachelors of Health and Movement course and then do 1 more year of study after that to get my qualifications to teach in High School.

It may not be the course I wanted to go in life, but for now, I will be attending school and doing my best to complete this degree.

Playing touch football during our break, that's me far right in the making the tag.


  1. Education is a great pathway Todd! It's excellent that you have moved quickly towards study, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your time at ACPE.

  2. nice phot man its alan the one with the ball haha i wish you luck with your future and with sport. goodluck mate.

  3. A high school teacher! Are you worried about karma? What happens if your students act like you did in high school? lol