Friday, 20 September 2013

And here we go again

Welcome to another (hopefully full) season of The Clubhouse Chronicles! I got a little slack with it last season only posting on the first half of the season but this year I'll make sure you get to enjoy the fun ride in the fourth season of the Australian Baseball League!

This week we started spring training with the Sydney Blue Sox. Considering our 2012/13 season ended in early February it has been a long time since I've been able to wear my Blue Sox gear. After what I thought was a very successful season under manager Jason Pospishil where he dramatically changed the culture of the ball club, I'm looking forward to playing under him again. Graham Cassell is also returning as the third base coach which he has manned ever since I was a teenager watching games back in the Claxton Shield days. There are a few new additions to the staff which includes Nathan Wright, Darian Lindsay and Lionel Harris. Nathan Wright, more commonly known as 'Lefty' to everyone in Sydney will be the new first base coach and will workout with the catchers and Darian Lindsay will take over as the clubs pitching coach this season. He will take over the job from Chris Oxspring who after a successful season pitching in Korea is planning on taking time off this summer. Last but certainly not least is Lionel Harris. Lionel is a an Australian Baseball Hall of Famer and his presence around the ball club will be surely something that will be valuable for everyone. He will take over as the executive officer from Terry O'Toole who unfortunately had to step down after spending the first three seasons with the club.

This year about 42 players have been invited to spring training and before the season this will need to be cut down to 35. There are a lot of open spots on the team which is sure to lead to a very competitive few weeks. There has been talk about some imports coming in to help the team but unfortunately it doesn't seem like we will be seeing last years boys returning.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to participate in any Blue Sox spring training workouts so far because I am preparing for the Under 23 National Championships with the New South Wales team. We head off to Adelaide next week to take on some of the best young talent in the country. Being on the Under 23 team is a little different for me. Since I've been a part of the Blue Sox I've been one of the youngest pitchers on the roster, whereas on the under 23's team I am one of the senior pitchers. Its a role I've enjoyed so far trying to help some of the younger pitchers on the team as much as I can.

So hope you look forward to following me this season. I can't wait for it to get started!

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