Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jersey Numbers

As in many sports, a baseball player's or coach's uniform number has the purpose of identifying the player. However, it has come over time to have a much more significant meaning to the player and fans. A number can be symbolic of a player's legacy, and has resulted in all kinds of superstition.

I have 2 favourite numbers, they are #35 and #21. They are both my favourite for the same reason, because they were worn by my favourite pitcher Dontrelle Willis. After Spring Training ended we were able to pick our jerseys, I straight away went to look for #35, but got #49 instead. I then went on the hunt to see who had number #35. After a few minutes I found one of the latino players had it, and I asked him if we could trade, and he would of traded it if I gave him $10 as well. Since I'm not swimming in money down here, I thought it would be better to save the $10.

Here are a few fun cases on players jersey number.

-Bryce Harper who was the number 1 overall pick in the 2010 MLB Draft chose #34 as his jersey. The reason for this was because one baseball player that he idols is Mickey Mantle, and he wore #7. So Bryce decided that #34 would be his number, since 3 plus 4 equalled 7. 

-Ichiro Suzuki wore jersey #51 while he played in Japan, and when he went to the Mariners,  Ichiro was issued #51 . He was initially hesitant because it had previously been worn by pitching star Randy Johnson. To avoid insulting Johnson, Ichiro sent a personal message to Randy promising not to bring shame to the uniform.

-When Rickey Henderson was traded to the Blue Jays in 1993, he paid new teammate Turner Ward $25,000 for the #24. 


  1. Love your blog! Very interesting.

    On numbers: Alexi Casilla gave number 25 to Thome last year when he came to the Twins. Also, David Ortiz picked number 34 when he went to the Red Sox for his early mentor, Kirby Puckett. I think Puckett also had number 34 because it added up to seven, but that was something to do with gambling and luck too.

    And then Tsuyoshi seemed attached to number 7 in Japan, and obviously had to change. I hear he was pretty honored when the Twins suggested he take number 1.

  2. I think 18 would be a good jersey number for you! <3

  3. Lol, why do you think 18 would be a good number for me?