Wednesday, 11 May 2011


If anyone knows me well, they would know that I do enjoy studying baseball stats. A lot of people probably wouldn't know that in 2002, Barry Bonds got walked 232 times, with 120 of those being intentional walk, or that Alex Rodriguez hit his 250th career home run of an Australian pitcher, Luke Prokopec. I find baseball statistics to be fascinating, I always refer to a quote from a baseball movie that makes baseball statistics one of a kind, where everything can be documented as a stat, this quote "Last year he was was 6th in the league against right handers, he was facing for the first time after the 7th inning, at home". Now even though it is a line from a movie that is meant to be comical, if someone had the time to keep this stat, I'm sure you would hear about it in a Major League game.

Since I have a love for stats, I decided to keep my own stats in Spring Training and Extended Spring Training. Some people think I'm crazy and obsessed, but I just find it fun to be able to look back on every outing I have had, and remember what went well, and what went wrong. If you remember reading my entry title "Slumps and Streaks" I spoke about going through a little cold streak, try and notice what I was talking about in my game log that I have kept.

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