Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Finish Line

We're heading into September soon, and it the time of year for ball players when the season is winding down and nearly any ache or pain from injuries old or new are making themselves felt right now. I have been pitched nearly 100 innings this year and its taken its toll on my arm as I haven't thrown in 9 days because it feels so tired, those guys like Rosario, Sano and Goodrum that play every single day could definitely be feeling it much worse then I. Its the time of the year when the training room is much busier than normal, after every game players are getting ice to help recover just to be less sore to play tomorrows game, and the weight room that was once crowded at the beginning of the year isn't nearly as popular of a place as it once was in the beginning of the season since they gave us the option of working out for the last few weeks of the season. It is the last leg of the marathon and this is the time of year when the mental side of the game plays an even bigger role in every day.

This is most innings I have thrown in my career since 2009, I only threw 43 innings there, last year at the Major League Baseball Academy and Sydney Winter League I threw a total of 68 innings, and this year I have thrown 99 innings, so its slightly uncharted territory for me having thrown that much. It is a particularly exciting time of the year for us on many reasons. The playoff teams have been set, thoughts of finally returning home and seeing your friends and family are closer to becoming a reality with each passing day. It's the time of the year when things get real goofy in the clubhouse, most guys here have been playing with each other through about 130 games includeing Extended Spring Training, so the hair has been let down, everyone is comfortable with each other and probably going insane from the every day repetitions of the job which makes for a really fun time in the clubhouse and in the dugout every day.

The countdown to the end of the season has begun and there is a lot left to take care of, in the training room, in practice and most importantly in the games, before we reach our finish line.

Chemistry is a big part of any championship team, safe to say we love each other here in Etown

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