Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pitchers Batting Practice

If there's anything us pitchers take more seriously then pitching in the game, it may be pitchers batting practice which we call pitchers b.p. Today our pitching coach announced to us that during our last home stand we will be taking part in our own pitchers b.p. Now when we hear that we are going to be taking b.p everyone starts to talk up how good they are at hitting, not me though. The pitching coach asked me if I could swing the bat well and all I said was "I can put on a show hitting off a tee, but apart from that I'm pretty useless". While I said that other pitchers were talking about how they hit in college, and the home runs they hit back in high school so they set the bar high for themselves.

The pitching coach picked two captains to select teams. The captains are Matt Summers and Tim Shibuya. They have 9 days to pick their teams but Matt won the rights to pick 1st overall, and he after conversing with fellow pitchers on who would be a good choice, he went with Tim Atherton. In my opinion it was the obvious choice as Atherton was previously signed in 2008 as a hitter with the Twins and Padres and was hitting not too long ago while he was in Australia. I have also seen him hit some long home runs back in the day.

When I hit back in Australia, I don't too well so I usually try and look like a good hitter. I wear nice batting gloves, an arm sleeve and maybe some wrist bands. I might as well try and look good doing something I do pretty badly. Maybe this time I may take it a little further and wear some eye black and my Oakley sunglasses, possibly wear my hat backwards Ken Griffey Jr style.

Now that Matt has made his 1st pick, Tim Shibuya is now on the clock to make his first selection. All I know is, if there aren't many home runs hit, there will be plenty of laughs to be had.

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  1. Ha Ha LOL ..... you already can't see without your spectacles so, I think, NO to the Oakley sunglasses!!!!