Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Australian Baseball League Season 2

After that night back on November 6th 2010, the Australian Baseball League was reborn after spending the last 11 year in exile. Now as we are into November this year, the Australian Baseball League is ready to go for round 2.

I will be playing with the Sydney Blue Sox again this season and after falling 1 win short of heading to the championship series the team is hungrier and keener then ever to get right back into it. We have a few new players to go along with a new manager which should lead to some entertaining baseball for the Sydney fans. In our preseason we played a scrimmage game between the Sydney Blue Sox players who grew up in the city, verses the Blue Sox players who grew up in the country. The city team won by 1 run in a very fun game. We then played 3 games against the Canberra Cavalry, resulting in 1 tie, 1 loss and 1 win. The win was quite strange for us as we were losing 4-1 heading into the last inning, before we won the game on a walk off balk! One of my team mates Todd Grattan called it a 'balk-off' win which sounded quite smart.

There have been a few changes to the Blue Sox off field as well. We have a new General Manager who has a very famous baseball name. David Balfour will take over from Eddie Bray as the GM and yes, he is the father of Oakland Athletics pitcher Grant Balfour. We also have a new name for our field. It will know be known as the Blacktown International Sportspark. With the new name we thought it be appropriate to alter the stadium a bit. We know have expanded the capacity of the ballpark to almost double. We also have a new uniform which is know an all white home uniform opposed to the blue jersey and white pants that we were last year. We will know wear the blue jersey with grey pants for away games, and also wear the blue jersey on days we have double headers at home.

With all these changes around the Blue Sox, it only gets you more excited to rip into the new season!

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