Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Long Journey Home - Part II

Well I was hoping to post a picture up of the long journey home from Panama with the stopwatch on my iPhone just like I did for the journey home from Fort Myers this year, but my iPhone's screen shot function doesn't want to cooperate with me. So I'll just have to write the times down for everyone to see.

1- Bus ride from Sheraton Hotel to Airport        - 00:25:04
2- Time spent in Panama City's airport            - 01:57:09
3- Flying time from Panama City to Atlanta     - 03:34:13
4- Time spent in Atlanta's airport                    - 06:46:33
5- Flying time from Atlanta to Los Angeles     - 04:17:31
6- Time spent in Los Angeles airport              - 02:09:36
7- Flying time from Los Angeles to Sydney     -14:35:31

It was nearly 34 hours worth of travel. On the last flight from Los Angeles to Sydney I had a window seat and had two senior citizens sitting next to me who slept nearly the entire flight. I sat down the entire trip, very annoying. Once I finally got up to get off the plane it felt like I was learning to walk again.

Luckily this is where my journey stopped. Most of the other players still had one more flight to go after landing in Sydney. I think Justin Erasmus had the worst journey of us all. If memory serves me correct, he flew from Panama to Miami to Los Angeles to Auckland to Brisbane. So he was in 5 different airports in 4 different countries in the space of 48 hours. That is no fun at all.

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