Wednesday, 28 September 2011

World Cup - Day 2

Today was a pretty relaxed day. I woke up around 8:30am and sat around in bed for a while before I went to get a light feed with David Kandilas. We went to a Subway which was just around the corner from the hotel. I didn't think not speaking spanish would be such a big deal, but it's quite hard trying to communicate. Luckily David knows a little bit of spanish so he helped me out a little when I ordered my sub.

After we ate we went for a little walk around but weren't too game to venture far away from the hotel, so the walk was quite short lived. When we got back to the hotel we had lunch and then all got our uniforms. I was suppose to be number 37, but only 1 of my jerseys was there so I had to wait until everyone got here before I could get a new uniform number. I went back to get a jersey after dinner and chose number 13, which was the number I wore back in my junior baseball days with the Rooty Hill Blues.

We had a light training session in the afternoon. Just a bit of running, and a bit of a throw just to get loose and used to the weather, which was quite hot and very humid. By the end of our 1 hour session everyone was saturated in sweat.

After dinner I went back to my room and watched a little bit of tv. I was hoping to stay up late tonight so the jet lag wouldn't get to me, but I ended up having a 90 minute nap. When I woke up from my nap I was surprised by my room mate who just arrived. My room mate is Clayton Tanner, who was born in Australia but has lived in America most of his life and played in AAA this year with the Cincinnati Reds so his addition to the team is very welcomed.

Hopefully I won't be up until 2:00am tonight because of my nap, but if I am, I'll just pop some sleeping pills to knock me out.

The boys after our training session

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  1. Hey Todd,

    Excellent report. Hope you younger guys have fun and all benefit from the tremedous experience the World Baseball Cup will certainly bring. And hopefully Kandy can help you brush up on your Spanish !

    Cheers, Martin