Friday, 15 April 2011

Down Time

In Extended Spring Training and Rookie Ball, everyone will always have a lot of down time. We get to the field around 8:15am every morning, and are usually back in our rooms around 3:00pm. I usually go to bed before 10:00pm, so that leaves me with 7 hours to kill before I go to sleep so keeping yourself entertained is a must if you want to keep your sanity.

Since I don't have a car here, I have to find ways to stay entertained at the hotel. On a sunny afternoon after coming back from the field, you may see me down at the pool cooling off or catching some rays. There's usually 2 or 3 guys already down at the pool, so you will have some company and someone to talk to, that is if they don't have their iPod in,

When my new room mate Jacob got here, he went out and bought a PS3 and so far, it has been a great success with the Australians we have in camp still. Now at any time there could be 4-5 guys in my room playing PS3, or being more specific, playing Call of Duty, which Jacob tells me is the best PS3 game ever. If you're not familiar with Call of Duty, it's a first-person shooter game. I'm not really any good at that game, cause as silly as it seems, I start to panic when someone's shooting at me. I enjoy playing sports games more, so luckily we have MLB11:The Show.

During Spring Training, the Australian boys and me would watch a movie almost every night. We didn't have a DVD player, so we put the movies on our laptop, placed the laptop on the table in front of the tv and crowd around it to watch the movie. Nearly every morning during breakfast, the boys would hear the familiar phrase from me "Sooo, What movie are we gonna watch tonight?".

I also just enjoy sitting in bed, with the headphones in listening to music, or watching TV Shows that I have loaded on to my computer, even if I watch the same episodes of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory over and over again, it stills keeps me entertained and gives me a good laugh. If you search anyones  laptop her, you will probably find folders and folders of movies. I have over 100 movies on my laptop, and another Australian, Mark Trau has an external hard drive with hundreds of movies.

Any opportunity we get to get out of the hotel, we usually take it, whether it be go to the mall, the beach, or even go out somewhere for dinner. Any one of those activities would kill 2-3 hours of your night. It's not all bad living in a hotel, at least you don't have to make your bed everyday :)


  1. Todd
    This is a great attempt by you to write your thoughts. Keep it up.... makes interesting reading and brings your day alive for me. Proud of you.
    This is the most you have ever said in one breath !!! Thank you.

    I heard about this Blog via The Pitch....

  2. Todd, great work mate! Fans of baseball in Australia will be able to learn a lot about professional baseball life thanks to your effort.