Monday, 27 June 2011

1st Win

Last night I had my second start against the Burlington Royals and picked up first win of the season. I retired the first 10 hitters I faced and threw 4 shutout innings, before running into some trouble in the 5th inning, giving up a 2 run home run with 1 out, but luckily we already had a 12 run lead so the home run didn't hurt us too much. As a starter you always want to give your team an opportunity to win, whether its leave them with a lead, or battle and keep the damage to a minimum and give the offense a chance to chase down the deficit.

Hitters like to get their first hit in their first few at bats, so they don't press in the early stages of the year to get that first hit, so just like a pitcher, it's very satisfying personally to pick up a win in my first few starts, it takes the pressure of a little to know you already have a win under your belt, and gives you something to work for as the season goes on. Instead of going for my 1st win every week now, I will be going for my 2nd win, 3rd win and so on.

I will have my next start on Friday against the Kingsport Mets, and hopefully will pick up my 2nd win. There's a possibility this may be my last start for the year, in an effort to limit my innings for the year, so I'm going to give it my all and make the start one to remember.


  1. Well done Todd. I was so proud to witness the win. Good luck in every future inning. God bless. Mum