Friday, 24 June 2011

Sitting in the Stands

One downside to being in the starting rotation is spending 80% of all your teams games in the stands charting the game. It may at times be relaxing sitting in the stands, but the last two nights we have had walk off wins and it would be more fun to celebrate on the field with your team, instead of packing up our charts.

When a starting pitcher finishes his outing, he goes into the clubhouse and does his post game recovery, gets treatment, showers and goes into the stands to watch the game. After my start on Tuesday night, I did my post game recovery but chose to go back into the dugout and watch my team play. I find it more exciting now to be apart of the team in the dugout then to be on the other side of the fence. Of course while in Florida during Extended Spring Training, you will take your time doing your recovery and treatment so when you come out to watch the game again, it's nearly over. Since the season has started and we are playing real games, the level of excitement and intensity has increased within the club.

While sitting in the stands is a little bit more relaxing and comfortable then sitting in a small dugout with 20 other people, it doesn't beat the team spirit and energy displayed on the field by your team.

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