Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Long Ball

Back in Extended Spring Training, I knew that this Elizabethton Twins team would have a lot of power, and through the first 10 games of the season our team has hit 14 home runs. We have had 8 players hit home runs so far this season, and Eddie Rosario is leading the league with 5 home runs. Of course playing in a higher altitude may have something to with the number of home runs being hit, but our team still leads the league in home runs and slugging percentage. Not too long ago I did an interview online with Seth Stohs and I mentioned that our team has a lot of power in the middle of the lineup, and so far, my team hasn't disappointed displaying the power potential that I was talking about.

Being apart of a team that scores a fair amount of their runs via the home run is quite new for me, but it sure has been fun to watch.

Eddie Rosario greeted at home plate by Kennys Vargas (#25) after hitting his 4th home run of the season

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  1. Chicks Dig The Long Ball :)