Thursday, 23 June 2011

Early Workouts

On most days we have to arrive at the field around 3:00pm, but on the two days after you pitch, you have to be at the field at 10:30 to workout. Since we don't have access to a gym yet, we do our workouts in the clubhouse. Don't let the setting fool you, since the workout we do does build up quite a big sweat.

The day after we pitch we do a leg workout using the TRX and the metal benches. The easiest way to explain what the TRX is it's a multi purpose workout band, designed to utilise your body weight to develop strength. The total workout takes about 30 minutes and by the end of it all your legs feel like jelly.

The 2nd day after we pitch we do an upper body workout using the TRX. Some of the exercises we can do are chest press, two arm row, skull crushers and bicep curls. So it's a valuable piece of equipment to have when you don't have access to the gym.

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