Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bullpen Fantasy Baseball

 While you sit in the bullpen during games, the relief pitchers like to keep themselves entertained by playing games. These games include bocce and the name game, but in the last few weeks our bullpen has been playing fantasy baseball during our games. Now you're probably thinking that these guys should be concentrating on the baseball game, and not be playing games, but I see this fantasy baseball as another way for them to know what's happening in the game as well as it being a bit of fun.

The way this fantasy works is, there are 3 teams, and 4 pitchers on each team. Before the start of every game, the teams select 3 players from our starting lineup as well as picking 3 innings from the game that they believe will be the most productive. This is how the scoring works:

1 point - Total Bases
1 point- Stolen base
1 point- Run Batted In
1 point- Run Scored
-1 point - Striking out
-1 point - Caught Stealing

4 points - Win
-4 points - Loss
1 point- Strikeout
-1 point - Walks
2 points - Save
-2 - Blown Save

An example of the scoring system would be like this. Say a batter goes 2 for 5 with a double, 1 strikeout, 2 rbi's and a stolen base. He would get 3 points for his hits, because they total 3 bases, get 2 points for the rbi's, 1 point for his stolen base, and then get 1 point deducted for his strikeout, which leaves him with 5 points for the day. Now since the bullpen pitchers don't know who will be pitching that night, they can't draft pitchers, so instead if a pitcher does good or bad in one of the innings that they choose, then they will get points for that inning. If a team chooses the 5th inning, and the pitcher gets the win during that inning, strikes out 2 and walks 1, he would get 4 points for the win, 2 points for the strikeouts, and you would deduct 1 point for the walk. Which leaves the team with 5 points from that inning.

The bullpen seems to have fun playing this fantasy baseball, so I'm all for it. Now when I'm pitching, I'm not only pitching for my team, but I'm also pitching for each fantasy team every time I start, which is just a little bit of added pressure. I don't think the teams that picked my innings of self destruct in my previous starts were to happy with me.

Relief pitchers doing their Fantasy Draft before a game against the Kingsport Mets

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  1. Correction - not the 'last' start - it was the 'previous' start!!!