Friday, 15 July 2011

The Dangers of being a Spectator

When you go to any baseball game in the USA and back home in Australia, you will always see signs around the stadium that may say "Be aware of flying objects entering the stands" or something very similar. If you aren't watching the game or paying attention you may be struck by a bat that has slipped out of the hitters hand, or a foul ball driven into the stands at over 100mph.

Today I heard a sound I never want to hear again. During the game tonight, one of our hitters fouled a ball went into the stands and struck a young girl in the head. The pitch of her scream was deafening and could be heard throughout the entire stadium. Parents rushed from everywhere to see if the girl was their daughter that got hit. I pray she is doing much better now and wasn't hurt to severely.

I stress the importance of always paying attention to the game, because I have seen to many people get hit by a foul ball. It's all fun to go for a walk during the game, but make sure when you hear the crack of the bat, you check in to the field, because you never know when that ball could be heading your way.

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