Saturday, 23 July 2011

Overnight Road Trip

We left Elizabethton two days ago for our first overnight road trip. We would be out of town for 6 days and headed to Princeton first for a 3 game series, and then we drive off to Burlington for another 3 game series. The whole overnight stay thing is new for me in the Minor Leagues so it was a little exciting embarking on this 6 day road trip.

The bus ride from Elizabethton took only about 2 1/2 hours, but I managed to get a little bit of sleep, and we also had the movie Major League playing while on the bus, one of the best baseball movies of all time in my opinion. Once we got to Princeton we checked into our hotel, The Days Inn. I was roomed with Tim Shibuya who I was originally paired with when we first arrived in Elizabethton.

Since we arrived in Princeton around 1:00pm, we didn't have much time to get totally settled in so I went to get some lunch real quick. Luckily the hotel is in a prime position, close to restaurants, fast food joints and a 7/11. I chose to get Subway for lunch, which is a meal I am getting quite used to, since at last count, I have eaten 87feet of subway this year. Quite an achievement.

It's much different sitting in the hotel all day compared to being back in the house in Elizabethton, feels a lot like being back in Florida where you just lay in bed all day so I try and keep myself occupied by watching movies or tv shows on my laptop, or just take a nice nap to waste the time before we head to the field.

So far our road trip hasn't got of to a good start as we have lost our first 2 games against Princeton, but hopefully we can put those games behind us and start another winning streak today before we head to Burlington.

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