Sunday, 3 July 2011

There's Always Tomorrow

There's a famous saying in baseball, and that is 'There's always tomorrow', because honestly, there is always tomorrow. I've been in the Appalachian League now and we have played games on 12 straight days. The reason baseball is such a beautiful game is because you can always get back out tomorrow and make yourself a better baseball player and perform better then the day before.

In a recent series against the Johnson City Cardinals we played 2 very different baseball games. One was full of errors, and one was fundamentally sound baseball. After our 1st loss where we made 7 errors, our manager Ray Smith wasn't angry or upset, all he said before we got off the bus back at Joe O'Brien Field was "Don't worry guys, we'll get them tomorrow" and we did.
Now in the game played on June 29th, we didn't get as many hits, but we did what we needed to do, we got runners on base, and we drove them in, and we also didn't make any errors allowing Johnson City to get more runners on base. If we make 1 error in that game, that may have given Johnson City the chance to tie the game, or possibly win it. That's why it is so important to value every single out.

In our next series against the Kingsport Mets, we played another two completely different games of baseball, against I guess you could say, two completely different teams.
Now after being shutout on June 30th and only getting 3 hits, Kingsport came back the next day and pounded out 14 hits and 15 runs. After the June 30th game, you would think that the Mets might have their heads down after being shutout for the first time this season, but they came out on July 1st and produced their highest run total of the young season. 

There's one thing baseball has over most sports, is the inconsistency and unpredictability, not knowing who is going to do well on each day. You could put your money on Roy Halladay and CC Sabathia to win a each one of their starts but even they can't win them all. So after every bad day, and every good day, you always have to remember, there's always tomorrow.

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