Friday, 8 July 2011


Today after batting practise, I witnessed something quite strange. During batting practice a few pitchers go beyond the outfield fence to retrieve the foul balls. Today I was out there with Matt Bashore and Sam Spangler. Now if anyone has been to Joe O'Brien Field, they will know that a river runs right next to the field. As we were walking back to the clubhouse after batting practice, Matt decided he needed to cleanse himself of negative thoughts and feelings after having a rough outing against the Kingsport Mets the night before and Sam decided he needed to do the same after also having a rough outing. So guess what they did? they both walked down to the river, stripped down to their sliders, and walked into the river. They didn't just go knee deep, they went all the way under the water. It was definitely one of the wildest things I have seen a pair of pitchers do. The easiest way I could explain how it looked was as if they were being baptised in the river. I guess we will have to wait until Matt and Sam pitch again, to see if they have really been cleansed.

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  1. Don't suppose they tested the water for algea or pollution first!?!?!